I like apples.

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I'm Ryuk. A Death God, from the Shinigami Realm. Its pretty boring though, that's why I dropped the Death Note into the human world. Light picked it up. And man, I wasn't bored anymore! Oh, and you got any apples? I really like my apples.

(( OOC: Also, I'm only about half way through the series so, I might not be able to RP with some of you correctly. But I'll try my best. ))

Jan. 31, 11

04:47 PM

OOC: I might not be online that much this week.

School started again, so I got that on my hands. A lot of work they’re giving us. Plus, my friends have been wanting me to hang out with them¬†lately. So I gotta do that. But I’ll try to be online sometime this week. But I will be able to be on this weekend, and possibly next week. Hopefully everything will have settled down by then.¬†

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